There are 3 qualities
that distinguish LostData from others

1. We have vast experience

LostData, the regain leader in hard drive data recovery, helped pioneer the data recovery industry since 2013. Home users and businesses alike rely on LostData to perform physical hard drive recovery and to recover lost data from failed internal hard disk drives, external hard drives and USB thumb drives for Mac or PC that cannot be accessed by normal means.

If you are here, chances are you have lost something very important—and you want it back. Data recovery is a delicate business, but two things are certain: the first recovery attempt offers the best opportunity for success; and the recovery company you choose can greatly impact the outcome.

At first glance, other data recovery companies may appear to offer the same level of services and security. Many claim to have all the capabilities of a professional data recovery service provider. But, upon closer examination, the majority fall short.

We started our business in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2013 and for years, we delivers world-class data recovery, email extraction and restoration, data destruction and tape management. At the core, we understand that data is the lifeblood of your business.

With cleanroom facilities worldwide and engineering expertise in every major global region, you can count on LostData for all your data recovery, restoration and destruction needs.

2. Certified specialists

LostData is the ONLY Data recovery company in Saudi Arabia to hold IACRB Certification.


During the recovery process, data recovery engineers open each storage device to inspect for physical damage and repair delicate components. Tiny airborne particles can accumulate on the open hard disk drive (HDD) platters, causing read-write heads to malfunction and damage the platter surfaces. When this happens, valuable data could be lost forever.

To protect drives and data from contaminants, LostData performs all HDD hard drive recoveries in a Certified ISO Class 10 Cleanroom environment.

Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP)

All of this to ensures our technicians are trained and have fundamental knowledge of data recovery and the skills to successfully recover data from damaged or partially destroyed hard drives, RAID, solid state media and removable media. In addition to the knowledge of physical data recovery, our CDRP technicians know how to perform logical recovery on any operating systems.

3. We Recover From all brands

LostData works closely with all storage device vendors and leading computer makers to help guarantee your original equipment’s warranty is never compromised.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery for Flash Drives, SSD and All Other Digital Devices
  • RAID Repair and Other RAID Services
  • Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
  • Data Tape Repair
  • Virtual Server Repair
  • Data Migration, Media Conversion and More

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